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P.E.O. - Chapter T

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Charter Members of Chapter T

P.E.O. - Chapter T, Sherwood Park received our Charter in June of 2015. 

We started as an offshoot of Chapter H in Edmonton, initiated some amazing new sisters and formed the first P.E.O. chapter in our own community.

We only had 16 members for the first year.

Sadly, we lost two sisters to other cities and two sisters to Chapter Eternal.

But we are a resilient group and our membership now sits at 28.

Chapter T  includes women from all walks of life and we range in age from 29 to 94! 


As our membership continues to grow, we are ready to make an even bigger impact on women's education in our own community and beyond.




Like most P.E.O. chapters, we have regular monthly meetings (some Chapters meet twice a month). Chapter T meetings are in the evening on the third Tuesday of every month.


Each meeting includes a Business portion and a Social/Program.


We work hard but we also have a lot of fun together !

In order to support our projects (both International and Provincial) and to help

in any way we can in our community, we are actively involved in fundraising for

our cause.

In 6 years, Chapter T has raised over $50,ooo dollars to support women's education!

Our Fundraisers have included:    

   The Fashion Event            

   A Local Women's Expo            

   Comedy Night at Gateway Entertainment Centre

   Pub Night at Caffreys in the Park              

   EATS for Education with Panda Express

   Growing Smiles Growing Futures Spring Plant Sale

   Purdy's Chocolates

   PEO Tumblers

   and various other 'in house' chapter events.

Be sure to watch our "Upcoming Events" section for fundraisers and socials that we have in the works. 

Chapter T is very fortunate to have been supported by our local community

in many ways, and we proudly give back (either financially or in kind) to many local support groups including: 

   A Safe Place 

   The Pregnancy Care Centre



   Sleep in Heavenly Peace - Strathcona County

 Thanks so much for stopping by.

 Feel free to contact us any time. 

 We would absolutely love to share more about our sisterhood - P.E.O. and Chapter T!

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A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.

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                                     Lori Mandrusiak

P.E.O. Chapter T, Sherwood Park is a diverse group of women, united in their common goal of friendship and empowering women.

We are extremely dedicated to philanthropy, to our projects and to giving back within our community and beyond. We are 

always looking for opportunities to enhance the lives of other women! 

I have never met such an incredible, caring group of individuals in my life and I am so very proud to be a part of P.E.O. and everything we stand for.

We would love to share more about P.E.O. and our sisterhood with other like-minded women.

If this sounds like something you might want to learn more about, please reach out. 

 Women Helping Women Reach for the Stars. 

 It's what we do! 

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