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P.E.O. membership is by invitation, offering potential members the opportunity to learn about the organization and chapters the opportunity to get to know prospective members. 

Membership begins at the local chapter. Women can become members after being introduced and invited by current members of a local chapter.

Talking to a member in your community will give you an opportunity to find out more about their chapter and what P.E.O. means to them. If you do not know someone who is a member, please visit

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Personally, P.E.O. is a source of encouragement and support for women, both for members in chapter life and to women who benefit from P.E.O.'s philanthropic assistance. Collectively, P.E.O.s take great pride in providing educational opportunities to women all over the world. Women supporting women in education.

Individual chapters meet once a month to support each other, for fellowship and for the common and uniting purpose of assisting women with their educational goals.

We would love to chat more with YOU about P.E.O. Please feel free to reach out at any time!

Even if we can't meet in person during these uncertain times, we're always up for a video conference call or virtual cup of tea. 




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The sponsorship and invitation process includes getting to know prospective members, and explaining P.E.O.’s purposes, which come with personal commitment and responsibilities.

A commitment to our sisterhood is not to be taken lightly. By spending time with members of the local chapter, a prospective member can make her decision based on both what she has learned about the local chapter and about the international scope of P.E.O. 

Women over the age of 18 are eligible to be considered for P.E.O. membership. We do not discriminate against any woman based on age, ethnicity, religion or education.


Our Sisterhood is based on friendship and mutual respect. We are not a political or political action group.

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